Find out what to expect on a Sunday. What time is the service? Where are we located? Is there a dress code? Can I bring my kids?

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Contact Us

Get in touch and connect with the awesome people who make our church what it is. We're all imperfect. Come as you are!

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The River Church is committed to moving outside the walls of the church and being part of the Chaska Community.

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Christmas Party

Join us for Christmas songs, games, and enjoying our favorite Christmas treats on December 16th at 6:00pm. Please bring your favorite Christmas dessert and/or appetizer.


“Anyone who supports this candidate will be judged for their ignorance.” “Wow, strong words from a pastor! Weak-kneed, supposed Christians like you are why the church is falling apart. We’ll see who God judges!” I sat back from my computer, stunned after witnessing the above exchange. There was more to the conversation (forty-seven reply’s more,

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Sending Thoughts and Prayers

“Sending thoughts and prayers.” If you are on social media or watch the news you almost certainly have seen this phrase. You might have even written it. In many ways it has become cliché. A phrase that many people throw around without thinking. Although at its face this phrase seems innocent, it recently has caused

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Spiritual Gifts

Many well-meaning Christians love to ask the question “what is my spiritual gift?” While this is not a bad question, it is important to first answer the question “what is a spiritual gift?” There are actually quite a few components of spiritual gifts that can easily be overlooked. First, we will look to Scripture to

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Road Work

Update! E 4th Street is open again. North Ash Street is now blocked off. In order to reach the entrance drive past the “Road Closed” signs on E 4th Street, and park in front of the doors with the River Church sign. Please watch your step the sidewalk is torn up.

Bible Part 2

I grew up in a home with two other brothers, and three sisters. And each of us were about 18months. We were always close in age but we were also really close in general. When we were kids our favorite pastime was dressing up like knights or Jedi and fighting with whatever we could find.

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The Bible Part 1

  Some times it can be hard to define theology. Theology is literally the study of God. Although on a broader scale when we delve into Theology we don’t just study God himself, but the things of God like the church and salvation and the end times. There are specific fancy words for separate studies

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