Find out what to expect on a Sunday. What time is the service? Where are we located? Is there a dress code? Can I bring my kids?

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Contact Us

Get in touch and connect with the awesome people who make our church what it is. We're all imperfect. Come as you are!

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Be The Church

The River Church is committed to moving outside the walls of the church and being part of the Chaska Community.

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We Have Moved!

The River Church has moved to a new location.  We are now located in the auditorium of the Southwest Metro Educational Cooperative, 401 East 4th Street, downtown Chaska.   Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 to celebrate our new location.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events: Read Through The Bible Challenge 2014 Sign up in the foyer to join us in this challenge Men’s and Women’s Ministries Our women meet every other Thursday night for a time of worship, prayer and fellowship.  Our Men meet monthly for a time of fellowship to develop relationships from which accountability, discipleship, mentoring

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The Paraclete

Apparently Greek soldiers fought in pairs.  They would stand back to back so that they could protect one another’s backs as they fought off the enemy troops.  The other soldier was a trusted wingman, an advocate, a helper.  And he was called a paraclete. What a great concept.  We all need a paraclete.  We could

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