The River Alliance Church has many volunteers who make the church run smoothly every week. We would do a disservice if we did not mention them.

Rob Mapstone: Senior Pastor

Pastor Rob, his wife Julie, and their four children moved to Chaska in 2009 to restart The River Church. Pastor Rob also works with the Candidate Development Office of The Christian and Missionary Alliance and as an adjunct professor at Crown College.

He works from Crown on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Mondays and Fridays, you can usually find him hanging out at Dunn Bros. in downtown Chaska. You can connect with him by going to the Contact page.

Brandon Pellatz: Assistant Pastor

Pastor Brandon is a recent grad from Crown College. Along with working at The River Alliance Church he is also a Graduate Assistant for Crown in the Christian Ministries Online department and is working on completing his Master of Divinity.

During his time at Crown, he met his wife, Emma, and they currently have a 1 year old daughter. Over the next couple of years, he plans on becoming ordained with the Christian and Missionary Alliance where he hopes to serve as a career pastor.