Reopening Plan

After speaking with other Chaska area pastors, our denominational leaders, and the leaders from the school where we meet, The River Church elders have developed a plan for meeting together again.We believe that the video service options we are currently offering have allowed our entire extended family to connect at some level. For that reason, we have put a priority on continuing to provide that option, but we would like to offer an in-person option as well for those who would like to meet.Due to the lack of air-conditioning and the need to use fans to circulate air, it is not ideal to begin our services inside. Our plan is to offer outdoor services on the school grounds during the summer months, meeting in an area where people can bring lawn chairs or blankets and sit in the grass, and others can stay in their cars if they prefer. This would give us a flexible meeting place and allow us to move inside only if needed.

It will be a simplified service that allows us to gather in person. We are hoping to livestream the service on Facebook for those who would like to watch live via that platform, and a recording of the message will continue to be available as it has been these past 2 months.Our plan is to begin offering this outdoor service option beginning on June 21st. This provides us with time to put things in place to meet the state guidelines and see how things progress as other churches begin to meet. Also, St. John’s will be holding an outdoor service across the street the first 2 weeks of June, which would make it difficult for us to meet outdoors at the same time.We are still working out details, so there will be more information coming in the days ahead.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to get ahold of Pastor Nathan at nathanphillipsriver@gmail.comor Pastor Rob at You can also talk to any of our elders: Tom Kocka, Greg Frank, and Gary Benedict.Please be in prayer for us as we continue to navigate our way through this current reality.