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Matzah “Jesus’ Cake”

Why Make Homemade Matzah Understanding Passover is an important part of understanding the New Testament and specifically the events surrounding Christ’s last days. The past few years for Passover I have been making homemade Matzah, or as my daughter called it today “Jesus Cake”. I have even had the opportunity to share it with many

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Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter we would like to set up an Easter egg hunt for your children in your yard and drop off some helpful materials for an Easter lesson. Please text or call (913) 633-2769 if your are interested.

Temporary Move To Online

After much deliberation, and listening to our governmental and denominational leaders, the elders have made the decision for The River Church to transition to a video format for our worship services.  It is difficult to consider not meeting in person.  A big part of being the Church revolves around fellowship and we should not easily give that

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